We practise the principles of commercial discipline, integrity, respect, teamwork, and trust to display a consistent, high level of ownership for all our investments. In keeping with our commitment to ensuring good corporate governance, we regularly review our governance framework to put in place best practices.

A crucial element of our corporate governance is our active board and management committee structure, which is responsible for the stringent review of significant decisions within Intraco at various levels. Our commitment to a high standard of corporate governance ensures the sustainability of our investments to safeguard our shareholders and maximise long-term value.



The Audit Committee oversees the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, internal controls and financial practices of Intraco to ensure compliance with regulations governing financial reporting.


The Nominating Committee identifies Board nominees and reviews their suitability and independence through a stringent selection criteria. It also evaluates the performance of Board members in discharging their duties and assesses the effectiveness of the Board as a whole.


The Remuneration Committee oversees compensation policies to ensure that they are in accordance with Intraco's approved remuneration processes. It also reviews the service contracts of Board members so that they are in line with contractual provisions.