As a multicultural company with alliances around the world, we recognise our ability to drive change globally. Based on our credo 'Investing in our future', our corporate social responsibility initiative takes care of communities, both at work and outside of it.


In the workplace, we focus on the principle of fair employment and compliance with government legislation to promote a safe, secure working environment with an open-door policy for all employees. To encourage an active lifestyle and well-being, we regularly hold inspirational seminars on topics such as health, wellness, and positive thinking, as well as out-of-hours social activities for a healthy work-life balance.

We are strongly committed to the environment and only deliver safe and quality products to our clients. To stay green, we implement energy-saving and recycling programs in the workplace. By driving down energy and resource use, we reduce our carbon footprint to play our part in contributing towards a greener and more eco-friendly world.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our stakeholders and businesses. With a focus on long-term growth and capital preservation, we safeguard our investments to deliver economic and financial stability even in a rapidly changing environment.


Beyond the workplace, we consider it our social responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. Guided by our strong philanthropic philosophy, we regularly organise initiatives to support local charities and improve the lives of those in need. As a team, we support and take part in events such as charity walks and public holiday celebrations, including those by non-profit and grassroots organisations such as Community Chest and the People's Association. Working closely with welfare organisations and community partners, we engage in national and local fundraising efforts to give back to our society and pay positivity forwards.